4 Advantages of a Serviced Office Space

July 31, 2017

If you are currently in the work force, you won’t be surprised to know that there has been a surge of serviced offices in Manila in recent years.  In the Makati Central Business District alone, it is highly likely that there is a serviced office space for rent around every block! The reason behind the rise of this modern office type is simple: it is beneficial to most businesses, especially small to medium enterprises.  Are you currently in an office search and considering a serviced space? Read on to find advantages that would help your business save time, money, and resources.

Say goodbye to mounds of monthly bills

For businesses, bills are the great equalizer—regardless of how big your company is, paying bills will never be a task you will enjoy. It does not help that bills almost always come in packs, especially when you are in a traditional office. A serviced office will take away the stress of having to take care of all of these. Every month, you will only be receiving one bill inclusive of rent, utilities, maintenance, and other services available to you. This allows you to be budget more efficiently, as you will mostly get billed for fixed costs rather than unpredictable or variable amounts every month.

Save up on maintenance and security costs

Keeping your office in perfectly secure, working conditions can be costly and heavily impacts your monthly expenses. In a serviced commercial space, you will only have to worry about your share of the maintenance, and security costs while all the other renters pitch in their own. You no longer have the burden of having to hire security, change a lightbulb, or even worry about internet connection repairs. Leave it to the central office to ensure that the space is always in tip-top shape.

Avail of on-demand meeting and training rooms

Sure, having a designated conference room can be impressive in most traditional offices but cost-wise, it is not the most efficient. Meeting rooms have their own expensive set of equipment and maintenance, yet are unused for a portion of every working day. Most good serviced offices have meeting and training rooms available for an hourly rate, so you only spend for them when the need comes. The rooms also come with the necessary materials, such as fully functioning air-conditioning units and quality audio-visual equipment.

Be more cost-efficient with shared reception services

Reception areas provide the first impression for your business; naturally, this will garner costs for beautification of the space and training of reception staff. A fully manned and operational reception area will be included in every office space, so you no longer need to pay additional staff and spend on designing and furnishing the space. Let the central office provide you with the human and operational resources to receive your guests, sort through your mail and answer your calls.

These are just a few of the tried and true advantages of having an office space that has been prepared, managed, and maintained for your businesses’ convenience. To know more about the many ways that a serviced office can best suit your company, check out XentralHub’s events and promotions, where you can sign up for the newsletter, and be updated on services that are and will be available to you.