Here is why a CoWorking space might be best for you

July 31, 2017

Since the surge of local tech start-ups and small businesses in the past few years, many opportunities have been offered to companies for more modern and innovative office options. The co-working office model has become such a common fixture in Manila’s business scene that many options have come up in major commercial areas, such as Legaspi and Salcedo villages in Makati CBD.

For someone coming from a traditional office space, the idea of working in a shared office space may pose a few anomalies, or even distasteful features. However, as researchers have been studying employee behaviors, they found that those who belong in co-working spaces in the US rated an average of 6 on a 7-point scale for their level of thriving at work (that’s more than one point higher than traditional office employees!). So if you own a small business, or high-potential start up, check out these points on why a co-working space can be the best option for you and your employees.

Shared spaces build a strong sense of community

Skeptics may say that co-working spaces are distracting, cramped, and deprives you of privacy. This case may ring true for any poorly managed office, whether it’s shared or not. A good co-working space, however, compensates the lack of privacy with a sense of community, and productive collaboration among skilled individuals.  The co-working office model allows businesses from different or similar industries to be in the same space, which in turn, enables these businesses to interact and collaborate with each other. For instance, a game developer looking to promote a new gaming app may collaborate with a digital marketing start up only a few steps away. Furthermore, a young law firm may also be situated in the same room, and all businesses would greatly benefit from easily accessible legal consultation.

The varied set of skills and industries also provide a degree of separation between the businesses, so the tendency of internal conflicts and office politics are drastically minimized.

The technological amenities are advanced and of better quality

Those who are new to co-working spaces may be concerned about the efficiency shared technological services, especially in Manila where network connections are known to be often problematic. The best options for shared office spaces usually provide better internet, even high-quality fiber optic data lines. On top of that, they usually offer high-end printers, and more sophisticated conference rooms. These amenities can be afforded to co-working space tenants because of the shared economy. Each tenant’s monthly bill will include their share in the maintenance and availability of the amenities—a unique factor in shared office spaces that can only benefit the involved businesses.

Co-working offices will always have a desirable business address and tasteful interiors

For start-up businesses and small to medium enterprises, a reputable business address and attractive office design are the first steps in gaining credibility with your clients/partners and encourage potential hires. These two qualities are easily afforded to you by a co-working office, especially one that’s located in a business area like Makati CBD! The perfect shared office space will help your business grow by giving you flexible lease terms for a desirable business address, and maintaining your office’s cleanliness and elegance. These qualities also help in retaining loyal employees, as a well-maintained office also uplifts a worker’s focus and overall mood.

Finding the right office for your company can be a daunting task, so hopefully the flexibility and sense of community that a shared space can give you will compel you to take a shot at housing your business with other growing businesses. For more information on co-working offices for rent in Makati, contact Xentralhub and discover the many services and benefits that their office space varieties can offer your company.