Serviced Offices in Makati: Why They Make Sense for Entrepreneurs

July 2, 2018

An office plays a vital function in any organization. In fact, the very existence of an organization requires the presence of an office. With an office, all kinds of clerical operations and activities can be performed competently. As for the type of office, an organization can choose either to rent a traditional office or rent a serviced office.

But for smart entrepreneurs, the choice is obvious – it’s serviced office by a mile. The popularity of serviced offices has surged because of the benefits they provide to a lot of entrepreneurs – from startups to small and medium-sized companies. They’ve been popping up like mushrooms in the most progressive cities in Metro Manila, particularly in Makati, to fulfill the demand for cost-effective, modern yet professional themed offices. Entrepreneurs have their sights set on Makati as their new office address because they believe that having an office in Makati takes them a step closer to success.

Here are 5 reasons why renting a serviced office in Makati makes sense for entrepreneurs:


1. Prime Business Address

Makati is the boss when it comes to progress. What once started out as a marshland has now risen to be the premier CBD in the Philippines. This feat serves as an inspiration to entrepreneurs who dream of taking their businesses to great heights. For startups, small companies or freelancers, renting a serviced office in Makati means having not only a business address with a professional image but also gives customers confidence in their business.

2. Favorable Work Setting

Serviced offices housed in high-rise buildings are a stroll away from residential condominiums in Makati. This saves both time and transportation money. Moreover, the physical activity brought by walking revs up the creative juices in the brain which is quite useful in sparking the minds of entrepreneurs for that eureka moment that can change the fate of their companies.

3. Everything’s a Stone’s Throw Away

Craving for some Italian pasta? How about some good old burgers from fast food joints? Maybe watch the latest flick or go shopping? It’s easy to do it all in Makati for just a few steps away from serviced offices is the Ayala Center. Both entrepreneurs and their staff can relieve the stress of the day and achieve work-life balance as the Ayala Center provides plenty of options for leisure and entertainment through diverse lifestyle events, delectable dining, cinemas, theaters, and premier hotels.

4. Safety, Security and Discipline Reign

One of the main concerns of any entrepreneur in choosing the future address of their business is the safety and security of the area. Based on the Numbeo’s survey last year, Makati is one of the safest cities in Southeast Asia (placed 6th) with 41.36 points in the crime index and 58.64 points in the safest index. As for discipline, the city is never devoid of it. A perfect example is the designated drop off and pick up areas in the CBD to promote order and safety. There’s also the continuous efforts of Makati officials to pass local ordinances that can improve the overall living conditions in the city.

5. Home of the Best Serviced Offices

The city of Makati resonates not only progress but sophistication as well. It home to the most modern and posh skyscrapers and nestled inside are stylish yet functional and professional-themed serviced offices ready to provide startups, entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized companies with workspaces that will be of best aid to their business operations.

The city of Makati is oozing with opportunities, hence its allure to entrepreneurs. They boldly take the risk of investing in this dynamic city because they know this is the best place for their business to succeed, to make it big. The proof is all around – from high-rise buildings and continuous developments to busy roads and people on-the-go. Of course, location is just one of the ingredients to a business’ success. Combine it with hard work and determination and it’s likely that the business will soar in no time.

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