Advantages of a Serviced Office

January 24, 2019

Looking for a suitable office space is not an easy task. You have to consider many factors like location, lease terms, availability of internet providers, renovation of the space, furniture and many more. Things that you do not need when you are in a serviced office.

Serviced offices are fully-furnished, private space for you and your team. It comes with all the things you need to run your business, including internet, front desk services, maintenance and cleaning, office support and pay-as-you use facilities. Listed below are more benefits of moving into a serviced office.


In this day and age, you never know when do you need to upscale your business. You must be ready to grab the opportunity if the time comes. If you’re in a serviced office you will have room to expand faster. In a traditional office space, you might have to wait for the fit-out of the space unlike serviced offices if you’re team is ready they can start working same day. Minimum lease terms for a traditional office space is usually 3 to 5 years but in a serviced office you can get as low as a 3-month agreement.

Office support

Aside from the flexibility that serviced office offers, they also offer services that you can’t find on a traditional office space. You don’t need to hire front desk personnel to greet your guests and assist them with their needs. If you have faulty internet connection, just call the front desk and have the in-house IT fix it immediately. Some serviced office also offers back-office support like business registration and renewal, accounting, and human resources.

Cost effective

You only pay for what you consume in a serviced office. Have access to meeting rooms, pantry, and other common areas. No need to construct, renovate, and furnish a space. Did I already say that you also get good coffee? Yes, most serviced offices serve premium coffee for their tenants.

All-inclusive invoice

For businesses, bills are the great equalizer—regardless of how big your company is, paying bills will never be a task you will enjoy. It does not help that bills almost always come in packs, especially when you are in a traditional office. A serviced office will take away the stress of having to take care of all of these. Every month, you will only be receiving one bill inclusive of rent, utilities, maintenance, and other services available to you. This allows you to be budget more efficiently, as you will mostly get billed for fixed costs rather than unpredictable or variable amounts every month.

These are just a few of the tried and true advantages of having an office space that has been prepared, managed, and maintained for your businesses’ convenience. To know more about the many ways that a serviced office can best suit your company, give us a visit! Just call 0917-633-3618 to schedule your visit.