About Us

Xentralhub came about after realizing that some work places are not conducive for employees to increase productivity.

In this day and age, our lives have been improved by technology in so many ways. We can be more efficient and productive in our work now more than ever before.

Unfortunately though, technology has done little or no improvement to majority of the work places within Metro Manila.

Having properly planned and designed modern work spaces can help increase individual and team productivity.

Xentralhub aims to become the epitome of a modern work environment where everyone can have space to do their best quality of work by giving them properly planned spaces.

Holding office at Xentralhub gives its users access to amenities that can supplement productivity like reliable and redundant internet connection, IT support and overall accesibility.

Why choose us?

Xentralhub was established by individuals who specialize in real estate & business. The team behind Xentralhub understand the anxieties that come with starting a business and opening an office. The main goal is to utilize the team's expertise to simplify your office space selection.

Let Xentralhub worry about your office so you can focus on what matters more-- your business.

Beth Kua

Beth can be considered as an expert in office and commercial real estate transactions. She has been in the industry for 9 years and has consistently provided office space solutions for both local and multinational companies. In her years of working with different companies, Beth observed that starting operations can be challenging. Xentralhub is Beth's solution to those challenges that her clients encounter in opening an office here in Manila. Here at Xentralhub, you are able to focus on what matters the most-- your business.

Chris Perryer

Chris is active both in the academe and in the business consultancy industry. In his years of study and work, Chris has written & published journal articles, case studies and conference papers on: Buisness Administration, Management Research, Public Sector Management and Training.

Angela Manese

Angela has been in the residential real estate industry for 9 years. She specializes in residential sales and leasing. As her way of providing a product for the underserved residential market, she is currently a co-owner and manager of a dormitory facility in the Mandaluyong area. Through time, she has seen that there is also an underserved office space market-- companies and individuals that are not yet ready to commit to long term leases that traditional office spaces require.

The space

Nestled on the 5th floor of Philam Building in Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati. Xentralhub's properly planned spaces are designed to help increase individual and team productivity.

With common areas and serviced offices that can be used as needed, Xentralhub gives its users access to amenities of a modern work environment.

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Get a chance to meet new people and be able to exchange ideas! Embrace the new "working-without-walls" concept at Xentralhub's Coworking Lounge and be free from the limitations of working in enclosed cubicles. Here, you can work in the short or long term depending on what you need.

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